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For the past few years, I have been toying with the idea of getting lip fillers. After some careful research and a lot of self-reflection, I confidently decided to go for it and made my appointment with Thérapie. And I’ll get to the nitty-gritty details of what it’s really like in a second. But first, I want to talk about why I did it. I’ve always had ‘average’ lips. My bottom lip was a little plump, and my top lip was…fine. I’ve tried every lip plumping product and technique imaginable; new “technology” (paha), overdrawing my liner and lip suction devices. I wasn’t particularly self-conscious about them but I wasn’t in love with them. Honestly, I was just sick of trying to plump them up every. single. day.

I just want to note that in no way am I encouraging lip fillers or cosmetic surgery. If there is a part of your body that you aren’t happy with then I see no problem in enhancing it to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

This was my third time to visit Therapie for lip fillers – yes, you read that right, third. In the days leading up to my very first appointment (back in August 2016), I was terrified. Not just scared—terrified. I had done my research and read that for a more natural look, it can be best to get smaller amounts over a longer period of time. On my first visit, I had 0.5ml injected into my lips and then I had 0.75ml injected again two months later. On my most recent visit (May 2017), I had 0.5ml injected as a top-up to maintain the plump look.



Does it hurt? A little bit! No pain no gain, right? But not any less bearable than pinching your eyelid with a lash curler. It’s more uncomfortable than painful.

Is it permanent? Nope – dermal fillers last between 6-12 months, depending on the person and where the filler is injected.

Does it bruise? It can do – again this depends on the person. Mine was very minimal and easily concealed with makeup. The results are almost immediate, with a little bruising, tenderness, and swelling of the lips that might last a few days.

What exactly is dermal fillers? Lip fillers consist of hyaluronic acid and naturally break down within the skin over a period of several months, eventually leaving no trace of the filler.

Does it feel hard? At first, yes (and it’s very weird). But after a week or two it meshes with your own body and feels normal!

Do they use anaesthetic? That depends on where you go – Therpaie used a numbing cream and it began to work immediately and I was completely numb after around 15-20 minutes!

How long does it take? For me, each process took around 10-15 minutes, but it all depends on the doctor doing it.

What if I don’t like it? Talk to your aesthetician first, but don’t sweat it – most dermal fillers can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. I was definitely nervous about the result! However the aesthetician doing my treatment was so reassuring, lip fillers are only temporary and in the worst case scenario, a reaction to the filler, you can have the product dissolved.


1. Do your research. Don’t just go with the first place you come across, and definitely don’t go for the cheapest. In the Ireland dermal fillers *should* cost around €295 for every 1ml of product. If you have to save up for a little longer in order to pay that much, then do it. It’s not worth risking your already-lovely face just to save a few quid.

2. Listen to your aesthetician. If they’re good, then they’ll know what’s best for you and your face. Generally, cosmetic doctors look at your face in terms of proportions. Just like with me, you might think you want your lips bigger, but in actual fact you could just be overcompensating for something else. A good aesthetican will always tell you when enough is enough.

3. Don’t ask for someone else’s face. Kylie Jenner lips might be at the top of your wish list, but they’re her lips, not yours, and whilst they might look great on her, they might not look the same on you. Look to improve your face, not change it.

I love the way they give me that little extra boost of confidence, while still looking like myself.

All in all, I give lip fillers my kiss of approval.

I’m so glad to be taking part in the #TherapieBeautySquad campaign with @therapieclinic and can’t wait to see all the entries. Get entering over on their website! #squadgoals




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