The Simplest of Things to do Before Bed to Wake Up Happier

Wearing V by Very Nightwear Set from Littlewoods Ireland.

Fact: I would try anything in the pursuit of happiness. I’ve drank countless mood-boosting green juices and herbal teas, taken a (very short-lived) break from social media, downloaded Headspace and even attempted to trick my body into radical ecstasy with endorphin-flooding runs. One thing I hadn’t tried? Going to back to basics and trying out the the simplest of things before bed to help me to stay positive. I’ve been using these simple techniques to help me to settle in for sweeter night’s sleep and wake up in a more positive mood the next morning:

“I try to use these techniques as an opportunity to be a little kinder to me”

Think of everything you accomplished that day – My anxiety, in part, is brought on by the pressures for perfection that no one puts on me other than myself. I try to use this as an opportunity to be a little kinder to me. Instead of trying to think up things I feel proud of, I think of things I berate myself for and try to find a positive outlook. For example, when I felt guilty for staying in bed all day, I remembered that actually I’d listened to my body, which was telling me to rest. If I start telling myself I shouldn’t of spent my money on new clothes, I remember that I actually had worn the most of the items in my wardrobe 3435903 times and I didn’t want to wear them again – stopping myself from feeling guilty. It helps to speak to myself as if I was talking to my bestfriend in the same manner with compassion and understanding, after this I always feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Think of the people and things that made you smile today – even if it was a stranger holding the door open for you. In the beginning, I realised I was being too general – “good health, a bed to sleep in, a job” all feature and the true meaning of this exercise is lost. Instead – I close my eyes and think back on the day and the specific moments that brought me joy: a canal walk on a sunny autumn day as the leaves change colour and remembered how breathtaking the sight was. I think about the new perfume from a brand that I absolutely adore arrived in the post and how blogging serves me so well as a beauty-junkie. I think about the phone call with my mum and how she gave me useful financial advice and that I have such caring, interested parents. I think of these wonderful moments – the finer details: how I felt, how everything looked, what I or someone else said. Sometimes I’ll write these all down if I feel it will be a useful gratitude reminder for another day and I feel noticeably calmer.

Plan tomorrow’s task – the things you want to achieve and have done by bedtime tomorrow. One of the easiest ways I organise my life daily is by writing a big to do list every evening for the following day.To get started, write down the top three tasks you need to achieve. These tasks should be things that need your focus and attention or are categorised as urgent. They could be things that will help move your business forward, or deadlines you need to meet for a client. I’m a deep-thinker and my mind rushes quickly through thoughts, I have found that this technique helps to clear my mind before bed.

And finally, say goodnight and I love you to those that mean the most.

Wearing V by Very Nightwear Set from Littlewoods Ireland.


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