The Secret to a Good Hair Day

The Long & Short of it

The Brand: Gold Fever Hair Extensions

Is there really a way to have extensions that look natural as well as being comfortable and easy to maintain? Well, I made it my mission to find out. My natural hair – or as close to natural as I’m prepared to get – is straight, slightly on the thinner side and shoulder-length but I want big, bouncy hair that commands attention (think Cindy Crawford in her infamous Pepsi ad).

Let’s walk through the basics. There are extensions that last months and extensions that last days. I’ve tried most and my choice for long-term extensions are bonded extensions. My research led me to Gold Fever Hair Extensions, their Protein Tips are designed to make application safer, more secure, quicker and far more versatile (you can read more about Gold Fever’s Protein Tips here). That’s welcome news for anyone gaming for good hair days ahead. Needless to say I eagerly booked in for a consultation…

The Basics:

Bonded Extensions: These are fused by a stylist to natural hair with a heat-activated keratin-based polymer.

Lifetime: Up to five months

Extension Quality: Human

Cost: Upwards of €700 for a full head

I like: Gold Fever

Month 1

I had my consultation in Roller Blow Bar to decide on length, thickness and colour match. The extensionist at Roller Blow Bar perfectly matched my dark brown hair to a combination of two Gold Fever shades (1 and 1B). From time to time, I get bored with my brown hair. I felt the need to change it up so we added some caramel highlights (shade 04) with hair extensions. I booked in to have my full-head of 18 inch extensions applied in Roller Blow Bar for the following week.

Month 2

It took a little while to get used to washing and blow-drying so much hair. But believe me when I tell you, that’s a small price to pay for my ‘Cindy Crawford’ hair. The stylist in Roller Blow Bar advised me to avoid using any shampoo with sulphates (they can loosen the bonds between the hair and the extensions) and to keep oils away from your scalp by applying conditioners and serums from midlength to the ends.  Kevin Murphy makes the best products which I have been using on mine religiously – the angel wash range is a godsend. The bonds need to be dried with a hair drier (the LanaiBlo is AMAZING). At night, I plait mine to avoid any knots and when I wake up my hair has a natural wave. By the way, it’s normal to lose some strands of hair extensions by the second month – I lost four but I didn’t notice any difference to the thickness!

Month 3

It’s now been almost four months after I first got my extensions in and I don’t want to say goodbye, we’ve become attached (pun intended)! My extensions are still in near perfect condition. I would say that if you’re a bit rough and ready with your hair – yanking it into a ponytail for the gym, pulling a hairbrush through it (a tangle teaser is best for these kind of extensions) – there’s a chance they may not be quite so secure for much longer than three months. As I’ve learned from past experience, the more you look after your extensions, the longer they will stay looking fab.

The hair quality is still incredible, but the bonds have grown out so much it’s time to say goodbye. The hair above each bond did matt a little on the three month mark, but this is completely natural and is just the hairs that would usually naturally fall out and can’t go anywhere because the extensions are holding them in.

Overall I would give these extensions a 10/10 and I never thought I’d say that about bonded extensions. I’ve finally found a brand of extensions I’m 100% happy with and I cannot fault them in any way whatsoever. Three months down the line and they look and feel just as good as the day I had them fitted!

For price list and more information visit Gold Fever’s website, you can also find the list of Gold Fever Accredited Salons on their website.




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